e a viagem mais importante da sua vida

“How would it be for a child to cross oceans and borders all alone? “

This is what this surprising book called “AMAL – and The Most Important Journey of Her Life” leads young readers to imagine. For some children, it’s an unthinkable possibility. For hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied refugee children, a harsh reality. The book, published in two formats – app-book and printed edition – has support from UNCHR, the UN Refugee Agency.

“Amal” is a tribute to refugee children.

Let’s contribute :)

“Amal” is a book that emerged with the firm purpose of contributing. And it does so in a very direct way. Besides informing readers and raising their awareness, the app, which is distributed for free to reach the largest possible number of people, fundraises for UNCHR humanitarian projects. How?


As much as you like

By downloading it to your device, you can access the whole content, with no restrictions. But if you were moved by the book, you can pay as much as (and if) you like. Just choose the amount on the “Help” page or buy narrations by people in refugee situations. 20% of the net value received goes to UNCHR.

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Vencedor 2020





Contains animations, original soundtrack and several narrations.


Available in English and Portuguese (so far).


Develop in partnership with Webcore Games.


Narrations by Oula al-Saghir (English), Isabel Malzoni and Leonardo Matumona (portuguese).

Soundtrack by Arthur de Faria

Sound design by Bunker Sound



is a Brazilian journalist. She works as a news correspondent in Italy and Middle East, for several years now, for important media, like BBC and Folha de S. Paulo. Expert in Communication and Advocacy, she already worked for Médecins sans Frontieres and UN agencies.

She also wrote “Sobre Jasmins, Bombas e Faraós” (Editora Record 2014).



É artista plástico e tem se dedicado às questões do livro. Já publicou dezenas de livros no Brasil e outros países. Recebeu importantes prêmios, como “melhor livro-imagem” e “melhor livro para a criança” pela Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil (FNLIJ), troféu Monteiro Lobato, Jabuti de “ilustração infantil, Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos (EUA) e finalista do prêmio “Melhor livro de arte” da revista italiana Andersen, além de já ter figurado entre os melhores livros publicados nos EUA do The Boston Globe.

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