"Brave Kids" book selection

"Brave Kids" book selection

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Amal is a Syrian girl who lives with her grandfather in a rural village. When war threatens their lives, she must flee. Alone. And therefore she becomes another child who travels alone in search of refuge around the world.

Geedi and Deng are inseparable friends. Geedi is Somali, Deng, Sudanese. The two live in Kakuma, one of the largest refugee camps in the world.

The young characters of both books, "Amal and the most important journey of your life" and Dois meninos de Kakuma"(Two boys from Kakuma - available in Portuguese only), were inspired by real facts and circumstances. They take us on extraordinary journeys through places where the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time is happening right now. These stories tell us a lot about the resilience and the courage of the millions of refugee children in the world.


  • About the "Book Friends" project

    [NEW] Books have friends. One leads to another, reminds the other, seems like they want to be together at the bookshelf, despite what the alphabetical order tells you.

    Good books talk not only with its readers, but between themselves.

    Imagine how rich these conversations must be, in terms of emotions, beauty and literature.

    I think they talk about different ways of saying similar things and, therefore, reaching unique results. "I'll go this way and reach our reader's heart from that point. You go and show him those things he never thought about. In the end, we'll be all together". This perception, that our books have good friends in other publisher's catalogs, lead us to begin a new project here at Editora Caixote. We'll introduce to our readers some "Book Friends", these literary friendships we appreciate so much, and encourage that they reach their final destination like they are meant to be: together (with discount and free shipping in Brazil to make it easier, of course).

  • About the books

    Amal and the most important journey of your life


    By Carolina Montenegro and Renato Moriconi

    (to learn more about it, click here)


    Dois meninos de Kakuma ("Two boys in Kakuma - available in Portuguese only)


    By Marie Ange Bordas

    A ficcion narrative about an urgent reality: whole generations of children who spend their childhoods in refugee camps. With photo illustration by the author.



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