"Dads that put their children to bed" book selection

"Dads that put their children to bed" book selection

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[BOOK FRIENDS] "Books that tells us so much about early childhood", or, "Book friends about father who put their children to bed at night". This is an imagined literary friendship between our book-app "This is Betsy", by Gunilla Wolde, and the super funny "Mas papai ...", by Mathieu Lavoie and Marianne Dubuc, published in Brazil by @jujubaeditora_.

"This is Betsy" is an interactive book in app format, developed by Caixote from the original print book, which was first published in 1974 (and which has since reached 15 countries). A delightful story about a girl who is learning a lot of things - including how to do everything her own way.

"Mas Papai ..." is a hardcover book about the humorous saga the monkey dad faces every night to put his little monkeys to sleep. Parents and children laugh a lot with this book, but for different reasons, if you know what I mean.

Betsy and the monkeys could be brothers, they were so similar in the typical early childhood pranks. Another important thing is that, in these books, the father is the one who takes the children to bed, and that makes all the difference in these relationship.

The kit guarantees DISCOUNT and FREE SHIPPING in Brazil. ("Mas papao ..." goes by mail and "This is Betsy", which is an app, goes by e-mail)

  • About the "Book Friends" project

    [NEW] Books have friends. One leads to another, reminds the other, seems like they want to be together at the bookshelf, despite what the alphabetical order tells you.

    Good books talk not only with its readers, but between themselves.

    Imagine how rich these conversations must be, in terms of emotions, beauty and literature.

    I think they talk about different ways of saying similar things and, therefore, reaching unique results. "I'll go this way and reach our reader's heart from that point. You go and show him those things he never thought about. In the end, we'll be all together". This perception, that our books have good friends in other publisher's catalogs, lead us to begin a new project here at Editora Caixote. We'll introduce to our readers some "Book Friends", these literary friendships we appreciate so much, and encourage that they reach their final destination like they are meant to be: together (with discount and free shipping in Brazil to make it easier, of course).

  • About the books

    This is Betsy


    by Gunilla Wolde


    Contains animations, soundtracks, interativities. Includes a virtual doll.

    Available in English and Portuguese

    Narrated by the Brazilian singer Tiê, who also is part of the soundtrack.

    (more about it)


    Mas papai...


    By Mathieu Lavoie and Marianne Dubuc

    40 pages | 17 x 24 cm | Hardcover

    Daddy monkey says good night to his kids, but something is always missing: "But Daddy, we need to put on our pajamas before going to bed!". Dads responds to the request, and then another complaint comes: "But Daddy ...". The repetition involves the young readers in this funny narrative.


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